Colorado Department of Transportation

2035 Statewide and Regional

Transportation Plan - Update


As part of recent changes to the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) and CDOT requirements for grant recipients, LSC was contracted to aid in the development of local transit and Human Service Transportation Coordination Plans.


The 10 Rural Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs) across the State have been divided into local planning areas. There are 16 local planning areas which each have a separate Local Plan developed. These areas were developed given the services provided, geography, and current coordination efforts. The Local Plans developed for each TPR are incorporated into the Regional Transportation Plans for each of the 10 Rural TPRs.


Files are provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Each local plan is provided as a separate file.


Central Front Range  
(1,439 KB)
San Luis Valley  
(1,329 KB)
(2,924 KB)
Upper Front Range  
(1,117 KB)
(1,209 KB)
South Central  
(1,103 KB)
(1,735 KB)
Northwest Steamboat Area
(1,178 KB)
  Grand County Area
(1,142 KB)
Gunnison Valley Delta Area
(1,034 KB)
  San Miguel Area
(992 KB)
  Montrose Area
(1,010 KB)
  Gunnison-Crested Butte Area
(1,106 KB)
Intermountain Central Intermountain
(2,266 KB)
  East Intermountain
(2,125 KB)
  West Intermountain
(2,175 KB)



For more information on the overall 2035 Statewide & Regional Transportation Plans, please click on the following link to access the CDOT 2035 Website.



Updated 1/28/08