Coos County Technical Assistance Project


The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) contracted with LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. to conduct a technical assistance study for Coos County, New Hampshire. Coos County applied for the CTAA grant in 1999. The grant was awarded in 2000, and this study effort was the result of that grant. The final report provides a detailed analysis for transit services in the corridor between Lancaster and Littleton, the issues involved with establishing a transit service, different alternatives for transit service, and an implementation plan.


This technical assistance study quantified and evaluated the need for a public transportation system in the corridor between Lancaster and Littleton. Technical Memorandum #1/#2 presented a summary of the existing transportation providers and estimates of transit demand. The primary factor in Coos County is the lack of general public transportation from Lancaster to Littleton. Several new industrial parks in Littleton could provide jobs to the citizens in Lancaster. Littleton also houses several of the local service agencies and the main hospital in the region. For some residents of the area, a future public transportation system between the communities may become a primary link to work, educational opportunities, shopping, health care facilities, and other necessary services.


Coos County, CTAA, and the LSC team took a close look at alternatives for the best intercity public transportation system. The system would present the most effective and efficient transportation services for the corridor.


The Final Report has been prepared and submitted to CTAA and the Advisory Committee members. The draft Report was presented to the Advisory Committee in October 2001 and at public meetings. The Final Report incorporated comments received on the Draft Report.