Fort Carson Car-Less Mobility Transit Study


Fort Carson's Sustainable Transportation Team contracted with LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc to develop a Car-Less Mobility Transit study that examines various transportation possibilities of providing service within the Fort Carson Mountain Post. The plan discusses not only transportation services within the Fort Carson Mountain Post, but also explores transportation options for getting to the Mountain Post. The thought is that for any transportation option within the post to succeed, transportation services to the post will need to be explored allowing people to leave their personal vehicles at home, thereby increasing the likelihood that people will use a car-less mobility transit system within Fort Carson. Moreover, it would maximize people arriving through the gates without personal vehicles.


Technical Memorandum #1 is available for review, and presents previous transportation studies and survey analysis, provides a forecast of potential transit users, and recommends various transit options that will be appropriate for the Fort Carson Area.




Updated: 2/17/10