Mount Hood Transit Implementation Plan


Visitors travel from around the world to enjoy Mt. Hood and the surrounding forest. Most of the travel to this area by visitors is currently by private cars. The Mt. Hood Express provides bus service for communities along Highway 26, running from the City of Sandy, east to Government Camp and Timberline Lodge. This bus service provides an important connection for residents along the Highway 26 Corridor to get to work at business along the corridor or at the ski resorts, as well as access to other needed services. Clackamas County has contracted with LSC to develop a Transit Implementation Plan for the Mt. Hood Express. This plan will look at existing and future transportation needs and develop specific recommendations for service improvements and long-term funding to sustain the service.


Multiple opportunities will be provided for community input including public meetings, a resident and visitor survey questionnaire, and posting interim reports on this website.


LSC is working with Clackamas County and the Mount Hood Transportation Alliance to develop a transit service plan for the Mt. Hood Region. LSC is evaluating options to provide transit service in the region, and developing recommendations. The options nad recommendations will be presented at community meetings in September. Come attend these meetings to learn about the options and recommendations and to provide input for the Transit Implementation Plan.


The Service & Sustainable Operations Plan (3,362 KB) is now available. This report evaluates governance and funding options for the Mt. Hood Express Transit service. Governance and funding are focused on the goal of providing sustainable funding to maintain operations of Mt. Hood Express.

The Service Expansion Report (48,107) is now available. This report includes the analysis of the existing transportation service, an analysis of transit demand, community input, and evaluation of service options to develop recommendations for a long-range transit service plan.

The Implementation Plan (4,151 KB) is now available. This report presents the preferred service plan for public transportation in the Mt. Hood Region as well as the governance and funding to sustain future transportation services in the region.


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Updated: 8/3/16