Raton Intermodal Center


The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) contracted with LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. and the Colorado Architecture Partnership (CAP) to prepare a facility reuse plan for the Santa Fe Railroad Station in downtown Raton. The City of Raton, in coordination with the Lodging and Tourism Association of Raton, applied for the CTAA grant in 1997. The grant was awarded in 1998 and this study is the result of that grant. The final report will present a local perspective of Raton, the issues involved with the restoration of the depot, alternatives for the depot, and an implementation plan.


Throughout the study, it is the goal of the LSC Team and CTAA to involve local governments, local organizations, and citizens in the planning process of the restoration. The initial visits to Raton by the LSC Team were very successful with continuous community support for the depot restoration. The most common response received from citizens was, "Please fix it up and don't let it waste away."


The LSC Team held an all-day design charette in early June. The purpose of the charette was for the CAP architects and LSC to perform a structural, architectural, and transportation reconnaissance of the depot. Alternatives were developed throughout the day and refined to present at an open house held in the evening and available for the community to review and provide comments. The different scenarios are presented in Chapter III of the Technical Memorandum.