Mt. Hood Area Transportation Survey

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions about your personal/household transportation needs. Your answers will help identify transportation needs of the Mt. Hood region.

Only complete one survey, either paper OR online.

Thank you for your participation.

1. Are you a resident or visitor of the Mt. Hood Region?

2. In which community, town, or village do you live?

(please specify)

3. What is your Zip Code?

4. If you are a visitor, how long was or is your stay in the Mt. Hood area?

5. Which of the following types of transportation has your household used in the Mt. Hood Region? (Check all that apply)

Your own/personal vehicle, such as a car, pick-up, or SUV
Ride from friend or relative
Borrow a vehicle
Van or bus by social service agency (please specify):
Van or bus provided by a hotel or resort (please specify):
Sandy Area Metro (SAM)
George TransLink
Mt. Hood Express
Other (please specify):

6. If you have used the Mt. Hood Express, please rate the following characteristics of the service:

Very Good

Satisfactory Needs Improvement N/A No
Operates on time
Frequency of service
Convenient schedules
Easy to read schedules
Bus stop locations

7. To which destinations/communities do you or a memberof the household need transportation most frequently?

Destination Community State
Destination Community State
(i.e., Fred Meyer, Sandy, OR)

8. What is the primary reason you, or a member of the household, need transportation to that community?

If other (please specify):

9 . If available, how often would you, or a household member, use public transportation in the Mt. Hood area?

If other (please specify):

10. What should be the hours of transportation?

If other (please specify):

11. If you are a resident of the Mt. Hood area, in the last two years, have you or someone in your household lost a job, or had problems finding work because due to lack of transportation?

Yes (Please describe):

12. Do you think there is a need for enhanced public transit in the Mt. Hood area?

13. What is your age?

14. What is your total annual HOUSEHOLD income? (include all income from all household members)

15. How many vehicles in operating condition do you have in your household?

16. Including yourself, how many people living in your household have a valid driver's license?

17. How important would each of the following characteristics be in your decision to use public transit? Please rate each characteristic.

Not Important

Desirable Important Very
Operates on time
More frequent service
Earlier service
Later service
More Sunday service
More benches/shelters
Convenient parking
Convenient schedules
Better sidewalks
Onboard Wi-Fi service
Other (please specify):

18. Please provide any additional comments, or suggested improvements for Mt. Hood Express


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